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    Alabama Governor Kay Ivey Issues Statewide “Stay At Home” Order

    Alabama Governor Kay Ivey late this afternoon issued a statewide “Stay at Home” order to be effective tomorrow, April 4, at five p.m. and to expire on April 30, at five p.m.

    The Corona Virus: Trail Of Devastation

    As the Corona Virus Virus continues to ravage our great nation people are hunkering down at home even where there is no official order and few cases of illness.

    The Corona Virus Panic Pandemic

    As for me, I’m not a believer. Don’t misunderstand, the Corona Virus is a serious illness. But the rhetoric and numbers just don’t add up.

    Where’s The Ware House? The House Eater Got Another One!

     icon-video-camera  The historic Ware House that caught fire last November has met with the house eating monster. Check this video.

    Can Jeff Sessions Score The Senate Against Tommy Tuberville?

    You have to be on a team. Everyone is on a team and one team or the other wins. It’s just a game. Be a good sport, play the game, be on a team. Worship the team.
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