Watch the Flag Burning Video



Some military fascists, religious zealots, and TEA Party fundamentalists will be offended by the FLAG BURNING VIDEO! And, they should be. Because guess what, all those soldiers who fought and died for this country, did so first and foremost for our INDEPENDENCE.

THEY DID NOT DIE for the flag. The died for what the flag represents.

THEY DID NOT DIE so the NSA could eaves drop on your Internet habits.

THEY DID NOT DIE so law enforcement could eves drop on your telephone conversations.

THEY DID NOT DIE for the finance company to stalk your whereabouts with GPS.

THEY DID NOT DIE for the video surveillance stalking you for nothing more than a walk in the park.

THEY DID NOT DIE so the TSA could arbitrarily engage in suspicionless searches.

THEY DID NOT DIE so Google could read the content of your email.

THEY DID NOT DIE so FaceBook could use facial recognition to stalk your activities all over the Internet.

THEY DID NOT DIE for you to pee in a cup in an accusatory suspicionless search.

THEY DID NOT DIE for law enforcement to engage in genetic profiling.


THEY DID NOT DIE so that you would become a virtual prisoner in your own home, the only place you can actually be without being stalked or under surveillance, assuming you use no telecommunications. And then your whereabouts are still known since by the passive default, if you cannot be found anywhere else in real time, it is the only place you could possibly be.

I don’t think that’s what the flag represents.

© 2013 – Jim Casey
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