Impeach John Roberts and the Supreme Court!

The Supreme Court recently made an unbelievable decision in support of the State of North Carolina. The Court agreed to allow North Carolina to detain “violent sex offenders” even after their sentences have been served. The issue isn’t weather or not any particular sex offender should be sentenced harshly. It’s a question of due process and constitutional law. In essence, the Supreme dissolved the constitution and declared marshal law on a class of individuals.

This is part of a growing trend toward genetic profiling that would ultimately declare an individual a “criminal” based on DNA from the point of birth. Insurance companies and the medical community want to get a hold on genetic engineering as the dollar signs are rolling around in their eyeballs. One more reason why “universtal healthcare” and government control and regulation of individual health issues must be stopped dead in its tracks.

No doubt about it. The Neo-Nazism of George W. Bush has spilled over into the Obama administration via his legacy of John Roberts and the Supreme Court. Supreme Court appointments are for life, however, the Congress can and should initiate impeachment proceeding against the members who voted in favor of what really is nothing less than the total dissolutions of the constitution and the right to due process.

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