Huntsville Bus Station Spotlight – Ass Whoopin

Bus Station Digital Temperature - cold outsideBus Station Digital temperature reveals a colder day.

Abig scuffle broke out at the Huntsville City Bus Transit Station downtown on Friday morning, December 11th. A Huntsville City Police Officer prevailed and reigned in John Lee Bullard for throwing rocks and altercating with other transportation bus riders. Shit hit the fan, but did not fly. The unnamed police officer sustained apparently non-life threatening injuries, and is reportedly convalescing at a nearby Hospital. John Lee Bullard was taken into custody and charged with felony assault. Upon being escorted into the county lock-up, John Lee was asked if he has any regrets, to which he replied: “She’s done been plotted. She’s done been plotted.”

Unconfirmed reports indicate that the alleged assailant went hopping around the bus terminal hollerin’: “John Lee, John Lee, …that’s me Sheriff,” and something about, “there’s still time.” The police officer is also quoted as saying: “John Lee you got to stop doin’ that.” It is not known what the irrational rantings were all about.

There is, however, substantial evidence that this event was deliberately orchestrated to place a spotlight on the Lee High School Bus conspiracy massacre that occurred near this location in 2006, and is part of a conspiracy inspired and orchestrated by the recently announced seditious caliphate lead by Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy, and US President Barack Obama. In short, this event is a conspiracy and a premeditated act of domestic terrorism by definition.

In this situation, like many others, what happened and who is involved isn’t as important as the intended propaganda results. Obviously, the event was deliberately staged in advance to corroborate a subversive agenda. And, while it does appear at first glance that the officer involved attempted to perform his job in good faith, there is still little doubt that John Lee Bullard has been manipulated, exploiting whatever mental illness he may have, or not, and that he is ultimately a victim of what amounts to terrorism, and extermination by incarceration.

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