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Malice, hate, and greed never cease to amaze me. While I still am not a democrat, and consider Obama to be the inception of the communist era in the United States, I cannot comprehend republicans who denigrate and ridicule the unemployed as lazy, telling them to go to school, get out of their hammock, and get a job – amid 10% unemployment.

When I saw the recent advertising on local TV channel WHNT-19 about an upcoming article on homeless panhandling, and how helping a tramp “might do more harm than good,” I immediately thought that they are the perfect example of the aristocratic, out-of-touch, greed that is actually driving socialism and undermining the constitutional cornerstone of liberty in the United States.

Then I saw their story on the hundreds of homeless people at the Downtown Rescue Mission seeking a healthy Thanksgiving meal. I never have seen anywhere near that many panhandlers. And, I wondered, how many of those people won’t see a few dollars in cash because of WHNT’s stereo-typing. I admit, I didn’t watch the original article. As far as I could see, the trailers they ran did plenty of damage. We call that “propaganda.”

So, I sent the station managers an email. Today I ran across an interesting article by a guy in Nashville who is homeless. You might recall he was featured in USA Today several years ago. And, coincidently, he has something to say about the topic as well.

Kevin Barbieux – Perspectives On Homelessness Often Clash

The email I sent to WHNT-19 is here below:

Station managers:

Take a look at all them homeless folks who needed a thanksgiving meal.

I’m so glad, thanks to your “panhandling” article, and the dedicated stereo-typing of the trailers, none of that irresponsible trash will get $20 or $100 to buy alkeyhaul or drugs.

Instead, they will be forced to seek social entitlements, sponge off the taxpayers directly, and remain hostage to halfway houses and religious cults.

It’s cheaper than providing jobs and benefits. And leaves more to spread amoung the rich aristocrats.

Here, gimme a little bit too.

Oh. I forgot. You’re into censorship and monopoly, not just human trafficking and socialist caste.


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