Hillary The Mommy God Wants Mr. Trump To Make Nice

Hillary the Mommy God has spoken: Political candidates should make nice, as if in nursery school, when running a campaign for political office.

According to the “socialist democrats,” whatever that means, the communists, and even some Republican wannabes, it’s Donald Trumps fault that some of the rebel rousers got their feelings hurt so bad when faced with the freedom of speech, and the freedom of assembly, and the constitutional rights that somewhere close to half of all the other American voters in this country ascribe to. In other words, if what you say is not in-line with politically correct, their version of politically correct, they will disrupt your ralley, and your communications, and engage in violent methods, just to stop you from having your say on how things oughta be – even though that amounts to half of all voters.

It’s amazing that a former Secretary of State is so naive. But, then, Hillary did get Chris Stevens killed – if only the terrorists would make nice too. And I guess she forgets the many who died or got bloody defending this country and things like freedom of speech and free elections. The American Revolution, nearly a million in the civil war, WWI and WWII, Korea, Viet Nam – wars aren’t fought because people utilize open dialogue to negotiate resolution to problems. The discussion doesn’t always work if the clash of ideas is too great, but if you don’t even know what’s going on or why their is a simmering conflict – there is no chance for resolution. It’s what makes constitutional democracy strong.

But, that’s the way Mommy God’s are wired. There first instinct is to save their little Christ child from immediate danger. If a mountain lion, or femi-nazi, is about to eat your baby, it’s a good idea to react quickly and at face value.

But shallow histrionic responses are crisis management which a patriarch knows are better averted altogether. Just don’t let the mountain lion in your yard. The patriarch also knows that how we protect our American back yard is by making sure we maintain constitutional rights for all individuals. Tearing down the constitution in a knee-jerk moment of crisis management will only increase the likelihood of more trouble down the road.

The problem Mr. Trump is facing, is not that he simply expresses his political stance, but that the knee jerks in the democratic party and liberal media have railroaded their own version of politically correct with too little scrutiny and for too long.

The reason, by the way, that the “all lives matter” moniker became unacceptable to the left-wing orthodoxy, is that it was first used by smart-ass police to make excuses instead of showing contrition. That they still show little contrition even though their actions are so brazenly corrupt, actually suggests their use of the term was a preemtive means of controlling the propaganda.

I don’t really think the American people need a histrionic mommy telling us to make nice over issues that quite literally determine the future of this country. And I don’t think we need Hillary wiping little Mr. Trumps bottom with the constitution before she flushes it down the toilet either.

This election isn’t so much about who is elected, as it is ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION STUPID !!!

© 2016 – Jim Casey

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