Heil Hitler Ratzinger! Farewell

Tough words. Still, there’s more to Ratzinger’s retirement than old age and disgrace over sexual abuse scandals. Or is there? First I must say, I am not Catholic and never have been. I was once in a discussion with a particularly venomous friend who declared in reply to my Protestant incantations – “you can’t change your colors!” Well, I guess we all grow and gain experience and knowledge, but the fact remains that my colors have always been the same in that regard. In fact, in my entire life, I have never been in a Catholic Synagogue more than two times. Not to belabor the point, but still in the interest of full disclosure, I believe my classmate got the mistaken impression due to gossip swirling around in regard to book reports involving Steinbeck’s character. I don’t know, but I suppose Steinbeck was perceived as Catholic or maybe some of his novels were.

Like most Protestants, I regard Catholicism as a cult. Don’t misunderstand, I know many fine Catholic folks. But also to be understood correctly, please do know this. I am equally, if sardonically, amused at all the different genres of those who participate in Toga Top meetings – be it campfire Toga Top meetings or the Pope Mobile variety. And I also suggest that most Protestant denominations consider each other to be cults, and although I’m not Baptist either, I’ve heard they even consider themselves to be a cult. I agree. That’s why I am an Independent non-denominational Protestant. I am Christian.

So why such tough words for Ratzinger? Frankly, it amazes me that there is so little conjecture in the news media that acknowledges the rest of the story. The unfortunate fact is, that during the 60’s and 70’s, aka the civil rights era, many Church leaders were tasked with social engineering of kids under the auspices of affirmative action. Some might say it got out of control, because rape and molestation of children should never have been a part of that process, and it certainly didn’t need to be. But the fact is that’s what happened. Both Catholic and Protestant ministers participated, and a few other mysterious figures from the Chamber, and the government, and who knows where else.

What was to be crisis management for social restructuring turned into a shady tool for easy exploitation of victims resulting in employment conspiracy, human trafficking, and racketeering. Somewhere along the way, maybe since the Kennedy administration was Catholic, it was determined that the Catholic Church would provide cover for the garden variety abuse and molestation of children that wasn’t a legitimate part of the program. Hence the much publicized cases of Priests in Boston and Jerry Sandusky praying upon little boys in a less than pious way – overshadowing the other victims of molestation who go unnoticed and without justice or vindication. Some of the now grown adult victims don’t even realize, or admit, the extent to which they were victimized. The cover-up works in part due to group psychosis.

The social engineering, however, has also worked. With Obama in the White House leading the country to socialism, a step closer to Vatican style theocracy, the Pope has won. And so, while Ratzinger is the first Pope to step down in 600 years, the disgrace he is suffering at face value won’t be what history remembers most. His extraordinarily rare retirement is the demarcation of the United States as it once was. Admittedly some good and some bad. The most important and deadly result is the slow but deliberate erosion of the United States Constitution.

It shouldn’t be construed that my remarks are directed at black people as if they are to blame. They deserve the first black president, it was long overdue. But I’m equally certain that there are many black people who understand the constitution is the foundation that ultimately made the progress and manifestation of civil rights possible. Under socialism, all will loose as the margins are narrowed and Big Brother imposes his will at the expense of liberty.

There is the convergence of some other factors as well, including the 911 conspiracy. I have said and continue to assert that the Bush family oil dynasty played an instrumental role in orchestrating 911. However, I am equally convinced that the Vatican did also. In fact, there seems to be a symbiotic relationship between Catholicism and Islam that I’ve noticed going back to the 1995 Beijing conference. If you search the net for “Catholicism and Islam” you will get a plethora of results that corroborate their spiritual collaboration. I can’t understand how a religion can consider it’s spiritual leaders to be healthy when they voluntarily choose a lifestyle that is contrary to normal, and Godly, human experience. That being said in the shadow of the sexual metaphors surrounding 911 and the apparent preoccupation with genetic cleansing.

And to be blunt, although Mr. Obama maybe a great guy to drink beer with, he IS the symbolic manifestation of the “(Vatican) Islamic victory” since he was raised Islamic, and spent much of his childhood in a foreign country. Some reports indicate that he has animosity toward the Catholic Church, however, every good plot needs a protagonist. In other words, I question his sincerity as mostly being a deflection.

The timing of the resignation comes at the same time as the U.S. national budget faces “sequestration.” Of course, that is no accident. In spite of media insistence that suggests the cuts were designed to be so draconian that they would force a compromise, that simply isn’t true. It was all worked out in advance. It has been an announcement, and a warning made public, that the economy is in immanent decline. Obama was spared the backlash of social cuts until after his reelection, the Republicans get off because the pain of the cuts fade before the next election. And in reality, the wars in the Middle East are winding down. This way the republicans get to share the blame with the democrats for much of the military cuts that would occur anyway.

The fact is, the American economy is finally collapsing under the weight of the retiring baby boomers. The boomers are the legacy of the “greatest generation” who came home from WWII, ending the holocaust, to breed like rabbits creating the huge wave in population growth that now creates the disproportionate weight on the retirement system. The irony is blinding. The Vatican win is also the result of decadence and largess.

So my Catholic friends, please forgive me because I know you are probably not the Toga Top type. I will pray for your deliverance from cultism and for your salvation. And you can rest assured, I have some more scathing epistles for the Protestant cults who are essentially acting as satellites of the Vatican.

The Vatican took years to apologize for it’s complacency in the holocaust, covered up and denied the highly publicized sexual abuse scandals, and hasn’t even acknowledged the other holocaust, sexual abuse scandals, and social engineering. And as for Ratzinger, if he leaves with a pitch fork in one hand, he has more than one ill gotten crown in the other.

The Rev. Jim Casey

© 2013 – Jim Casey
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    Absolute power corrupts absolute, and as I recall Ted Turner, wise man that he is, once called Christians “stupid.” He eventually apologized, but for what I don’t know. While Christians are foolishly attempting to take over government with religion, the potential grows for a flag burning amendment that would essentially set the stage for the dissolution of all basic constitutional rights to unravel like a braided sisal rope without a boy scout.

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