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Republican Convention
Honestly, I didn’t see much substance. Just obnoxious, misleading, and
arrogant testimonials about Bain Capital, Taylor Hicks attempting
Chinese warfare (he’s not exactly a rocket scientist), indoctrination
for their own troops, and Ann makes me cringe just looking at her.
However, I think Clint Eastwood is a comedic genius and actually made
them fools with a combination satire-non-sequiter too banal for them
to understand. They just don’t get it.

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    Rancorous maybe, but I really didn’t see the second debate as exceptional amoung debates. Obama did as expected. He sharpened focus and displayed more assertiveness. Romney was predictable as usual, flip flopping consistently. Neither offered any new information, and only reinforced their agenda in the debate. No wonder then that the media, and some of […]

    Barnum And Baily Caves To PETA Pressure To Send Elephants Packing

    It seems to me that a lot of people love elephants, and by extension all other wild and exotic animals, many near extinction, because there is a circus and because there are zoos where we can see them and they become real. The conservation and protection of all those magnificent animals depends on public awareness and concern for them. Animals we never see, are animals we never worry about. I can’t answer all the questions about animal treatment and happiness, but it seems to me that PETA is doing more harm than good. And besides, what’s a circus without elephants? Maybe a prelude to a world without elephants?

    Alabama Confederate Monuments Are Racism Pure And Simple

    As a native Alabamian, I am sick and tired of the perpetuation of stupidity that the damn monument represents. If you wish to honor your relative dead for more than 150 years, let it be done in Maple Hill cemetery, where this particular monument belongs.

    The Jim Casey Campaign Kickbutt Kickoff

    Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, warn you enemies, call you relatives. Together, we can KICKBUTT! all the way to the White House and kick the fascists out once and for all.
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    To The Dear Leader Of North Korea et. al.

    I do not approve of the reflective propaganda, nevertheless, it is not an entirely inaccurate representation. What is more reprehensible than the actions of the North Korean government, are the inaction’s of the American government. Appropriate FBI and or other intervention by appropriate agencies to diffuse the object and focus of the North Korean propaganda has not been forthcoming.