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Tinkering with my WordPress client a little at a time I realized that some folks subscribing to my HOT Uploads news feed might have missed some relevant content on the main site – (More on this a little later.) So I’ve made a list of links here to headlines there that you might want to look at.

New On And HOT Uploads
2012.08.25 – | The Other Abyss RIP Neil Armstrong
2012.08.25 – HOT Uploads | Editorial Hero Of The American Pyramid

Some Recent Content:
2012.08.08 – | The Other Abyss An Odiferous Journey
2012.07.17 – | Editorial The News Yesterday About Today

A series on Huntsville’s Police, mental health bias, and system corruption:
2012.07.27 – HOT Uploads | Editorial Huntsville’s Gestapo
2012.08.13 – | Editorial The Gestapo’s Convenient Cover
2004.01.28 – | Editorial One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest?
2007.05.23 – | Editorial Mental Health Corruption
2007.08.22 – | Editorial Gangland Execution Of Farron Barksdale?

More About My Blogger Client
Simply put, using my WordPress is a more convenient way to provide the quickest content updates possible. But I like my regular site better, and haven’t decided how to integrate the two, transfer links and stories one way or the other, or what. It’ll take me some time to tinker, so hell the content is there, you’ll just have to look here and there.

About Comments
I’ve already gotten a lot of spam on the WordPress comments and so I have no choice but to filter it out. So if you tried, again, stay with me. For now, I think I have to set it so you have to register, after your first legitimate comment is approved, all the rest are supposed to be automatic. I think. If you have trouble with it – email me

Republican Convention
Honestly, I didn’t see much substance. Just obnoxious, misleading, and arrogant testimonials about Bain Capital, Taylor Hicks attempting Chinese warfare (he’s not exactly a rocket scientist), indoctrination for their own troops, and Ann makes me cringe just looking at her. However, I think Clint Eastwood is a comedic genius and actually made them fools with a combination satire-non-sequiter too banal for them to understand. They just don’t get it.

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