Doomsday Fiscal Cliff Bad Lucky New Year

If you thought you dodged the Doomsday beer truck, think again. There is something now looming on the immediate horizon that that not only threatens your beer ration, but promises to sour the milk prices for your precious Wheaties – THE FISCAL CLIFF!

For the record, I never believed they would make a deal. The national budget has been in limbo for more than two years. The fiscal cliff is the deal. The boomers are retiring, and their entitlements have to be paid for. The “no new taxes” republicans have created the biggest tax increases in history, and managed to blame the democrats.

My view, what ain’t gonna happen, is that we don’t need more taxes on anyone. Big multi-national corporations should not be allowed windfall profits to begin with. Ipso-facto all greedy executives would see a reduction in their compensations before taxes could ever be assessed.

In reviewing the information dispensed by Doomsday expert Harold Camping and other relevant considerations, I’ve come to the conclusion there may still be an apocalyptic Doomsday event. Camping said that Doomsday would be a gradual process. I thought maybe he meant it would start on Dec. 21st and follow the time zones throughout the day. Now I realize, the fiscal cliff maybe just one more step in the world’s ending.

But there’s more. New Year’s day is not only economic Doomsday, but it also marks the beginning of 2013. We all know “13” is regarded as an unlucky number. It may simply be that the timing of the Mayans was off a little bit, and the end may be sometime during the coming months. I also heard something about an asteroid headed toward Earth in the next year that is going to be bigger than the moon! That certainly could result in quite a dustup if that thing crashes anywhere your hometown, but I didn’t get all the details on that.

Stay tuned to in the coming months and years, if we are still alive, for updates and editorials on all Doomsday situations.


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