CRAP! Mitt Romney’s “Bane Capital”

(Whatever happened to the Hollywood movie “911” released a few months before 911?)

Yesterday, and a few days before, the character “Bane” in the new Batman movie was scrutinized by news media as a deliberate reference by Hollywood – Warner Brothers, to Romney’s Bain Capital. Today, in the wake of the massacre in Aurora Colorado, perpetrated by James Holmes, there is no such reference in the several media outlets I have observed. And most likely, there won’t be any tomorrow either.

Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama have pulled campaign ads in that Colorado market. I can’t possibly make any other immediate connection to presidential politics that would warrant the suspension of the campaign – other than stating the obvious connection to “Bane” that all major news outlets are now conspicuously, and unethically, ignoring. It was only yesterday.

As if Hollywood isn’t subject to scrutiny. Who owns the Aurora movie theater? Some reports today indicate that AMC, one of the largest theater chains in the US, is saying that no “fake” guns, or certain costumes, especially those covering the face, will be allowed in their theaters. James Holmes didn’t have any fake weapons. But wait, isn’t AMC the theater chain that was recently acquired by the Chinese government? In other words, isn’t AMC essentially the United States arm of the Chinese government’s propaganda machine?

And yet, this isn’t being considered by Homeland Security as an act of domestic or international terrorism? A massacre, obviously perpetrated by a brainwashed “sleeper,” with too many coincidences to ignore as incidental.

No apparent political implications? Disruption of the most significant presidential election in US history. Involvement of the Chinese government’s propaganda machine. Involvement, already noted ahead of the event, i.e. the “Bane” reference, by the Hollywood – Warner Brothers movie propaganda machine. And, the fascist bastard Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is exploiting the event as a call for unconstitutional gun control.

Who the hell hired Homeland Security? The massacre is obviously an act of terrorism. Who the fuck is running this country? How much longer are the American people going to watch their country being flushed down the toilet, justified by their carnal drink of blood?

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