Contemptuous Healthcare Boondoggle

Frankly, I haven’t finished reading my 25,800 page copy of the
Affordable Healthcare Act, much less the equally voluminous Supreme
Court decision upholding most of the controversial law.

Even still – IT STINKS!

Look at it this way. If Congress had raised taxes across the board and
then said, “we will give you a tax break if you buy insurance,” no one
would have said “unconstitutional,” although the results in regard to
the individual mandate would be about the same. Such seems to be the
reasoning of Republican Chief Justice John Roberts, an appointee of W
Bush, who cast the swing vote in favor of upholding the “Obama Care”

I don’t buy it. A mandate states the acquisition of insurance is a
legal requirement. Therefore, it is a question of commerce, as
opposed to a reverse engineered and re-framed tax. The difference in
semantics is relevant, and sets the stage for more unconstitutional
legal actions.

John Roberts is in contempt of the US Constitution.

Mitt Romney says he will endeavor to repeal the law. He may put on a
show, but I don’t believe it will happen. Even if it did, the damage
done to constitutional precedent is permanent, unless John Roberts is

It seems to me Obamacare will only have the result of making
healthcare more unaffordable. Of the 32 million people who are
uninsured, I can’t imagine very many are actually irresponsible and
just don’t bother – they can’t afford it. I doubt more than 10%,
surely less than 25%, of those too poor to buy insurance will
miraculously be able to do so. They will take the only option they can
and pay the new tax.

The taxes raised on the backs of the poor, poorer, and in poverty,
will be used, shuffled, to pay for the entitlements of retiring baby
boomers. Granted, some of them aren’t so well off and do need their
social security benefits.

The additional commerce created for the insurance industry will be
used to provide more secure, enhanced, Cadillac benefits for retiring
baby boomers who already can afford insurance, and to carry the kids
of the already well-off middle class to age 26.

The people who most need more affordable healthcare, still won’t have
it, will find it even more unaffordable, and may even be in employment
jeopardy as a result of the new expenses on the economy. The people
who use the expensive emergency room option when an otherwise
manageable condition reaches crisis, will continue to do so. Costs will
not abate.

This all comes when regular folks are still suffering from the worst
recession in 80 years. Even if the “economy” recovers, the employment
rates and economic well-being of working class people aren’t going to.

The new taxes, ultimately enacted by the Republicans – John Roberts
– are malicious, draconian, and unconstitutional.

After a couple of years, the benefits to the predominately republican
insurance holders, largely on the backs of the poor, poorer, and in
poverty, will become apparent – and that’s when Mitt Romney will begin
his magic flippy flop dance, extolling the virtues of “affordable”
healthcare, while he twists the knife based on his learning experience
in Michigan.

I think the public has been bamfoozled.

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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