Racism And Discrimination Under Colors Of Law

Racism And Discrimination Under Colors Of Law

The Facts
Eric Parker, former Madison, Alabama Police Officer – used excessive force to “take down” the innocent Indian grandpa without probable cause, without provocation, and left him injured for life. Eric Parker has avoided jail-time twice because of mistrial. Federal prosecutors indicate their intention of pursuing a third trial.

My Opinion
Eric Parker is a dirtbag just like any other deadbeat thug who cannot control his algirythms. Considering the fact that was a police officer, he should be held to a higher standard, and therefore deserves s stiffer sentence: Double the ten years maximum sentence, he should get twenty years incarceration and to reflect the permanent injuries he inflicted he should remain on permanent probation.

The Facts
While Eric Parker has clearly benefited from racism, in this case it cannot be said that Brett Russell is a victim of racism per se. Brett Russel did use excessive force while attempting to perform his job. However, his victim was a little bit on the rowdy side, not innocent, and did not end up with permanent injuries.

My Opinion
Brett Russell is a dirtbag just like any other deadbeat thug who cannot control his algirythms. Considering the fact that was a police officer, he should be held to a higher standard, and therefore deserves s stiffer sentence: While he was sentenced to 18 months, I’d say that should have been 30 months, then doubled to five years. Both Parker and Russell are obviously mentally ill and should be subjected to compulsory medication and permanent supervision.

The Facts
John Lee been aksing funny all the time and everybody say he crazy, so, even though the news media don’t have access to no official records that say he be crazy, he must be cray cray cause everybody say so. He has been knowed for ass whoopin’ before, but then, it could be he was provoked. Some say, he ain’t really crazy, he just has some kind of “neurological condition,” like the man on TV that pretends to laugh out loud or something when he really ain’t. Then the other riders just got tired of him hangin’ out and aksing funny so, they decided to harass and make fun and push his buttons – until finally he got really pissed off. When the polices showed up, he panicked got scared over-reacted and whooped up on the policeman. Sorta like a caged animal being taunted.

My Opinion
There’s a joke to it. What’s white and black and blue all over? Well, there’s white and black racism, and discrimination based on the blue color of law. Although, Brett Russell do look a little red-bone. Then the joke would be what’s black and white and red all over – making it a newspaper joke. In a way, it’s a little like the Is’s pledge of allegiance – corroborating the international terrorism connection. Hoo ha !!! Won’t it be interesting to see how long John Lee Bullard goes to jail – for compulsory medication by Novocaine – compared to the two dirtbags. Joke’s not that funny, but then, I’m not a newspaper man, I’m a journalist.

Juvenile Naivete
News media organizations who ‘partner’ with organizations such as HPD, NCAC, IMS & HCS who have already demonstrated participation in conspiracy that includes child molestation, human trafficking, & ethnic cleansing, as well as the Lee High Bus Massacre, have conflicts of interest, ethical challenges and moral instability. Whether their sources are accurate, or legally authorized to divulge legally protected private information is problematic at best. Given that abuse of the mental health system for the agendas of ethnic cleansing, holocaust, and fraud is as old as Eden, it seems to be an ambiguous point at best. Bottom line, the media is ignoring the obvious conspiracy connected to international terrorism, which indicates premeditated orchestration. My observations are accurate, valid, and acknowledge what what is a neo-nazi consortium – by definition

Huntsville Bus Station Spotlight – Ass Whoopin

There is, however, substantial evidence that this event was deliberately orchestrated to place a spotlight on the Lee High School Bus conspiracy massacre that occurred near this location in 2006, and is part of a conspiracy inspired and orchestrated by the recently announced seditious caliphate lead by Connecticut Governor Daniel P. Malloy, and US President Barack Obama. In short, this event is a conspiracy and a premeditated act of domestic terrorism by definition.

Eric Parker – Madison, Alabama Police Officer | Mistrial, Miscarriage, Gangland Thug

In Eric Parker’s trial, one or more moron’s refused to convict what was obvious at face value. Eric Parker used excessive and unnecessary force leaving the Indian Grandpa partially paralyzed. It is impossible to understand how a rational person could not find him guilty. Unfortunately, there are idiots who believe that their personal agenda is more important than legitimate due process.

2015.11.14 The Uncrackable Apple

2015.11.14 The Uncrackable Apple

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