Boston Tea Party Terrorist Bombings

After a few days and a deep breath I looked back across the column I wrote titled: Boston Terrorism Style Gun Control. In the column I assert my opinion that “the Boston bombs were premeditated, well organized, and accomplished by domestic militia.” Frankly, after getting the rest of the story from the mainstream media, and having that few days to mull it over, I have to say – there is still no question in my mind that the Tsarnaev brothers were essentially engaged in domestic terrorism, as opposed to international Al Qaeda, Islamic terrorism, or some other underwordly plot of a foreign government.

The mainstream media has made a big deal of a recent trip by Tamerlan Tsarnaev to his homeland of Chechnya where they claim he was “radicalized” by Islamic extremism. I still don’t think so. It seems more likely to me that the Tsarnaev brothers, who grew up in America, were actually radicalized and indoctrinated in this country to begin with, whereby the trip to Chechnya may have only served to “activate” the sleepy terrorists. The argument might then become that they were radicalized by the Islamic mosque they attended here in the United States. That maybe true, but then we get to another crux of the discussion.

In this country, authorities have ridiculously refused to admit that most of the school shootings and other events perpetrated by so called “lone wolves,” including and especially Jared Loughner and Adam Lanza, were actually the work of domestic militia groups – depending on how you define militia. They are often rooted in extreme religious fundamentalism, but sometimes are politically motivated, and those militia types brainwashed and indoctrinated their patient victims creating the “sleeper” terrorists. The acts of terrorism perpetrated were based on an agenda and the political propaganda value. So, the notion that the United States has been spared domestic terrorism for the last ten years is not just stupid and ludicrous, it actually cultivates acceptance of the propaganda and the subsequent political indoctrination in regard to many political and social issues currently in the forefront of the public discussion.

In the Boston bombings case, I would suggest the Tsarnaev brothers were indoctrinated by those militia types in this country, and accept that those militia types might have been acting in concert with similarly minded Islamic religious extremists in their local community. Stated this way, the Tsarnaev brothers are no different than Jared Loughner, Adam Lanza or Timothy McVeigh. They were American citizens with a beef who ostensibly decided to resort to extreme methods of voicing their discontent. It just so happens that they added a little cultural seasoning to the baked beans by using a pressure cooker bomb instead of assault rifles and handguns. What’s the difference?

So why impugn the TEA party? Frankly, because it stinks like republican, extremism, religious zealots, and disgruntled veterans from top to bottom. In fact, for some reason, every example somehow seems to make me think of John McCain. I used to think he was a pretty good guy. A conservative, republican, honored veteran who loves his country and sacrificed to preserve the foundation and principles on which this country was founded. No more. Every time I hear the guy, he’s spouting off some kind of ridiculous, malicious, fascist rhetoric that is not consistent with the values of this country or the United States Constitution.

The most recent example is the Boston Bombings. After Dzhokhar Tsarnaev had been taken into custody, McCain chimed in saying Tsarnaev didn’t have the right to be Mirandized, and shouldn’t have the right to an attorney present before questioning. Maybe there is a point, in the heat of battle, when a police officer oughta be asking questions about who’s behind the door throwing bombs and shooting bullets. After Dzhokhar was arrested, no such situation existed. The cold hard truth is, Dzhokhar is an American citizen who has the right to due process. There may be plenty of evidence to convict him, but he hasn’t yet been convicted, and so far most of the condemnation has been derived from the same guys who mistakenly claimed they stole an SUV, and who mistakenly claimed they robed a convenience store. Neither turned out to be true. People do jump to conclusions – it’s why we have due process in the first place.

Graham and three other Republican lawmakers — Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz.; Sen. Kelly Ayotte, R-N.H. and Rep. Pete King, R-N.Y. — urged the Obama administration to consider detaining Tsarnaev as an “enemy combatant” instead of prosecuting him in a civilian court so that the government could question him more aggressively. “The accused perpetrators of these acts were not common criminals attempting to profit from a criminal enterprise, but terrorists trying to injure, maim and kill innocent Americans,” they said in a joint statement.

04/20/2013 – USA Today
Arrest raises questions on rights of terror suspects

Suggesting John McCain, and the other three nutcases, Lindsey Graham, Kelly Ayotte, and Pete King, are acting on behalf of not only domestic terrorism, but even sympathizers of international terrorism may seem a little far fetched. But does it really? Isn’t the goal of Islamic terrorists and Al Qaeda to install a theocratic aristocracy where you have no constitutional rights, and God by whichever name chosen, appoints the dictator who makes the rules and tells you what to do in spite of human rights and unalienable rights? By attempting to erode the constitution, hasn’t John McCain and his nutcase cadre advanced the cause of terrorism one more step in that direction? What’s the difference?

I’ve given my assessment of the current Republican party before. In essence, the Republican aristocracy that are actually running the party are exploiting their religious zealots, i.e. the TEA Party nuts, who still live in an isolated white bread world, have their tails tucked between their legs, and are guarding their quickly fading economic privilege as though it were an exclusive doggy bowl.

Newt Gingrinch fits the equation perfectly. Newt’s small business cabal smells cheap refried beans from Mexico in their bank accounts. Never mind all them republican religious zealots who said no to illegal immigration because it affects their job, working conditions, and their wages. But it’s an oxymoron, because the TEA Party nuts who are opposed to illegal immigration are the same ones who seem to be in favor of the theocratic aristocracy that will eventually condemn them to Newt’s Mexican slave caste too. Is that burning irony or scathing satire? One way or the other it does seem they will deserve what they will ultimately end up with.

Of course, therein lies the conclusion of this article. I have often sympathized with the bad guy who does something extreme because more often than not he has the right idea – if the wrong method. But the terrorists seem slow to learn that Big Brother loves him so much because ultimately the terrorists undermines his own complaint which is then replaced by exploitive fascism. Their terrorists are just as dumb as our terrorists, and now their terrorists are our terrorists.

The really sad part is that the dictator really is naive also, because he is the one that propagates the equation to begin with that ultimately degenerates into more civil unrest, and more domestic terrorism, and ultimately situations with people like Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, and now Syria.

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