Boondoggled And Dragooned By Rahm

…and flabbergasted.

How can Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel be so arrogant? In the same week he
has stated on national TV that Washington is dysfunctional because he
isn’t getting enough federal tax dollars, while gang violence has made
his island city a war zone, and he’s sending out welcoming committees
to ensure illegal immigrants understand as long as they are “law
abiding” they are in his loving arms.

Again, and again, this tedious equation repeats itself. Isn’t gang
violence usually due to the economic problems of unemployment,
underemployment, and poverty? Instead of looking for federal bailouts,
shouldn’t he be encouraging illegal foreign nationals to go home
instead of flooding the already overburdened labor market with more
cheap slave labor?

A pundit recently said it is draconian to be so mean to illegal
immigrants. Excuse me again, isn’t it cruel to tell the people who are
legal citizens, out of work, and broke, that their kid just got killed
because she got in the way of a drug dealer who needs a job to pay his
bills, because the illegal foreign national got his job, his sisters
job, his mom’s job, his dad’s job?

Rahm can’t even beam up the US citizens who are already legally living
in his own back yard, and now he wants the rest of the country to
spend more tax dollars on his fiefdom while black and white folk
citizens are out of work all over this country, and while people who
don’t belong here are getting the jobs, the subsidies, social
services, and education.

In spite of his incantations, and exactly like fascist bastard Michael
Bloomberg, Rahm is not interested in humanitarian, social, family
values. He is an aristocratic mob boss who is most interested in
profits for his henchmen and friends.

Enough of the tedium over illegal foreign nationals. Send them home,
follow the policies legally in place, and when US/multi national
companies, small businesses, and government have done their job to
fully employ the citizens of this country, we can talk about relaxing
immigrant quotas. Anything less is amoral, unethical, hateful, and

(c) 2012 – Jim Casey HOT Uploads

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