Bloomberg’s Disgusting Garbage

re: Today’s NYT’s
Thousands March to Protest “Stop-and-Frisk”

As described in today’s article, there isn’t any room for discussion –
stop and frisk is unequivocally, blatantly, unconstitutional.

The first answer to correct New York’s problems should be an
indictment and prosecution of Michael Bloomberg for what is apparently
tantamount to sedition. He doesn’t get to make his own rules, run the
FDA, run Homeland security, subvert the US constitution, and declare
his own personal Kingdom.

It truly is disgusting. One of the richest men in the world, bought
himself the mayor’s chair using the money he pilfered off the backs
of them trouble makin’ d’spicables and yard n’s in the first place.
Little wonder he wants to disarm the New Yorkers he done took to the


Admittedly, it still is incumbent upon the State of Alabama to go
ahead on and ratify the US constitution also. Down here in lower
Alabama, they got their own way of violating human rights. They join a
fundamentalist zealot church (or run for the state legislature, or
both,) and engage in politically correct terrorism. That way, they can
call it “spiritual warfare” instead of Al Qaeda.

What is perhaps even more disturbing about the article, is the
conspicuous absence of the word “unconstitutional.” I don’t understand
how a myriad of civil rights group can get together protesting illegal
searches, and manage to make every excuse, case, and argument to end
stop and frisk… except the most obvious, blood boughten, time

It seems to me black folks, and maybe Hispanics too, might be
spending a little too much time apologizing for the symptoms of their
cultural failures, instead of addressing the roots of where the
problems begin. It’s as though mommy and daddy wants Bloomberg to let
them handle the chil’ren, instead of Bloomberg’s Gestapo. It’s like
how to have a baby sitter without having a baby sitter.

It still seems to me that everybody would benefit more better if the
constitution weren’t dead in the water.

Just write-in Jim Casey for President

© 2012 – Jim Casey HOT Uploads

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