Bane Romney Who?

As predicted, not another word about Mitt Romney’s association to the
Batman Hollywood “Bane” conspiracy and James Holmes and the Aurora
massacre. Romney deftly changed focus by insulting the British in
regard to Olympic preparedness. The obedient media dutifully followed.
The power of money unseen.

And, once again, the white elephant is silently highlighted by an
obvious domestic terrorism conspiracy. There is a common thread in
many of these cases. “Holmes” synonymous with eugenics and the
(Holmes) Supreme Court, mental defects, or is it a case of MK ultra,
torture, and brainwashing (of course it is), and the ultimate
application of the ACA as a tool of ethnic cleansing and holocaust (of
course it will be.)

The American people are fools not to bring the discussion into the
public forum, and to affirm the constitutional value, “All men are
created equal.” Equality contradicts and hinders genetic profiling,
genetic engineering, ethnic cleansing, & holocaust.

An interesting note this morning. The State of Texas department of the
neo-Nazi homeland released a video telling people what to do when
confronted by a terrorist situation, like Aurora. The video is called,
“Run, Hide, Fight.” Do tell. Comments about the video included the
assertion that most victims are randomly targeted. However, reviewing
some of the events I conclude otherwise. In the Tucson, Gabby Giffords
event for example, it seems obvious at face value that ALL the victims
were individually targeted.

It also seems to me that many of the events are connected to the Texas
benevolent dictatorship plantation system, run by the oil companies, a
state known to incubate extremist, fundamentalist zealots, bonefied
swastika uniform wearing neo-Nazis, and perhaps not so incidentally
the home of TIRR Hospital, where the experts are still trying to
replace Gabby Giffords blown out roots.

TIRR Memorial Hermann hospital in Houston is national renown for it’s
work with Traumatic Brain Injury models. Nothing like a high profile
guinea pig like Gabby Giffords, and Jared Loughner, to showcase
expertise. Exactly like John F. Kennedy, or was that Bethesda.

© 2012 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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