American Politics Elevates Slapstick To A New Plateau

Well. Maybe something will come from the Congressional hearing with former FBI director James Comey, but I doubt it. At least, I doubt anything will come that actually matters at face value. “I want loyalty.” Trump is said to have said. Like what, should he tell the prospective candidate for the job that he hopes he will stab him in the back?

The sad part is, Trump told everyone the elections are rigged. They are. But they aren’t rigged the way the media likes to examine. Trump told everyone it’s fake news. I have never seen anything more ridiculous than the investigation over Russian meddling and contact with… whoever. The whole supposition is lame, based on nothing more than frivolous conjecture.

But, it is one hell of a smokescreen. What else is in the news? China colluding with Jerry Brown, funding proposals for infrastructure, Trumps discontent with Jeff Sessions, travel bans…? I’ve cruised past those stories, in part because the fake news story about James Comey is dominating the headlines. It’s as though the MSM has set out to play some big joke on Trump by turning silly comments into a major international incident in the name and honor of fake news – that’s truly what it is. Maybe there isn’t much else going on, but who’s tending the hen house?

What I find most disconcerting is that any president should be subjected to so much ridicule and investigation over executing the authority that is his. He can’t fire the people who serve at the pleasure of the president? Can’t issue executive orders over whether non-US citizens can enter this country? It’s the old, and wrong, axiom that we used to quipishly refer to as kids, or excuse me some still do, we have freedom of speech in this country – as long as you don’t say anything.

But of course. That’s the way it is. Or, it’s always been that way. Choose your poison. But then, that’s the genius of Donald J. Trump. He has successfully controlled the news for most of a year. Each week like clockwork, boom, a new bone is gratuitously thrown unto the media hounds of news, who then graciously take the ball and run with it. No one knows what the hell kind of ball they are really carrying, or even what the game is, or isn’t. But, goddammit we hate Donald J. Trump thank you for the content very much.

And, that’s also what’s disconcerting about the most current fake news story. I still expect the MSM news to looks for legitimate stories. And, I expect that when the smoke starts to billow, they have the wherewithal to turn around and look to see whatever it is that no one else is looking at because they are focused on the smoke. Maybe they are, but I don’t trust them anymore than note-taking James Comey apparently trusts Mr. Trump. Would you have hired someone, in the first place, who came to the interview taking notes – because they think you are going to lie to them?

I’d like to think I’m being hard-ass, but I know I’m not. I know the FBI is deeply corrupt. I know corruption in municipalities across this nation threatens our system to the core, and it’s the FBI’s job to prosecute that corruption. The media doesn’t seem to be doing that kind of investigative reporting. It doesn’t matter how corrupt government is or for how long it’s really been that way, because what really matters is that the good guys are still trying to make things right.

Enough Wonder Woman already. It matters that Clark Kent is still trying to be Superman… and he isn’t.

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