Ain’t Importing Slaves Already Illegal?

Is slaves on sale again?
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Is slaves on sale again?

There are few political issues where the ruling five per cent of aristocratic fascists show their true colors as illegal immigration.

The debate is ludicrous. How can the American black community continue to support illegal immigration when the equation already shows that black men are the ones who pay most for the lost employment, and black families who pay for the lost social services?

It’s easy to understand the so called “rainbow coalition” likes to engage in demographic gerrymandering. It’s commendable that they see the longer haul, and endeavor to win the bigger war. It turns out, though, it’s also racist unto itself, a misguided, inappropriate, and false accusation against white culture that they are racist. Of course some are, but the jobs and prosperity are lost for black families.

And as it turns out, the plantation massers, some white and a few black, are also in favor of illegal immigration. Weren’t the slaves imported for cheap labor from Africa actually a form of “illegal” immigration to begin with? The point being, labor – black and white – are going to loose the long haul bigger war in spite of the “successful” gerrymandering.

And then I begin to see there is another even more insidious undertow. I believe most black folks are good Americans who believe in the American dream of self-sufficient independence. More than ever, ultimately due to the unavoidable demands of equality, human rights, and unalienable rights recognized and embodied in the United States Constitution, they are achieving that dream.

But black folks, just like all other demographic groups, be they White, Jewish, Indian, Asian, Chinese, or… Hispanic, have their own bad apples of leadership leading them astray from the Garden of Eden and into the wilderness. They are sold out.

Now more than ever, foreign investments from all over the world representing all of those cultures of origin, are operating and exerting influence over the hearts and minds of all US Citizens. Often those multi-national companies are not even based in the US. They are here to make money, enhanced by cheap labor, unfair rules of socialism, and more than I ever thought – communism, that further narrow the margins of living standards, discretionary income, and working conditions.

The United States already has a liberal immigration policy that allows for many thousands to immigrate from Mexico and elsewhere, but in numbers that allow for more seamless cultural assimilation, and a healthier understanding of US values, in a system that works, as opposed to one disrespected, dysfunctional, and overrun by short-sighted, self-serving, culturally denigrating, personal gains, and longer term fascist and greed oriented political and organized crime agendas.

Someone Has Dropped The Ball

It’s wrong to blame Obama, as ORomney has. I began running articles on warning of the influx of illegal foreign nationals when the reign of W Bush was in full swing. HE could have acted on the problem before it became out of control. But, the Republicans figured a then healthy economy could stand more unemployment balanced against the benefits of more slave labor.

I.e.. The debate in Arizona is ludicrous. Is the Supreme Court saying the illegal immigrants still haven’t got out the river and entered the United States, because it’s a federal jurisdiction? There are crimes that are and should be prosecuted on the federal level. Illegal foreign nationals should be subject to a uniform federal policy, but it’s a street level crime. There should have been cooperative coordination on every level, including the local authority to arrest, detain, and export the illegal slaves to begin with. It’s not called the Supreme Court of What’s Good for National and Foreign Business Owners.

If there is to be a discussion over immigration policy, it shouldn’t be ex-post facto, after the damage is done. If the quotas aren’t enough, let’s discuss that. If the quotas are imbalanced, let’s discuss that. We’re having the wrong discussion.

Frankly, I’m not convinced Obama was born here either. I don’t understand why the first black president is necessarily a socialist, or how, being raised Islamic and right after 911, he should’ve even been elected… until I look at the Nazi bastards offered by the Republicans… like Mitt Romney.

God save the US… PLEASE.

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