Adam Silver: The Tarnished NBA’s Shame And Disgrace

Enough already. Who the hell is Adam Silver anyway? I suggest that from now on the ridiculous antics of sports be kept on the sports page where they belong, not the front page where real news is supposed to be. Doesn’t Silver know that his “zero tolerance” policy is the makings of fascist racism to begin with? Since when can a professional sports league be so blatantly racist – only since it’s racism is black, I guess. Because, while the NBA is disproportionately, and predominately black, other professional sport leagues have been expected to integrate. Why not the NBA? Not only that, they are also sexist. Even the old boys club at Augusta is obliged nowadays to let women on the course. Shouldn’t the NBA be expected to include women on their teams as well as more of the – white mens who can’t jump?

And, am I to believe, based on half a conversation, that’s only been partially disclosed, that Donald Sterling is racist? Have you seen Sterling’s girlfriend, V Stiviano? She sho ain’t no blond haired and blue eyed Scandinavian. Since when do racist white guys have girlfriends that are, well, I don’t what she is. Looks like maybe an Asian-Black mix – you know, some kind of high yellow. She calls herself, “Donald’s Silly Rabbit.” Well, don’t that just say it all? Tricks are for kids Silly Rabbit and this whole charade – another sacrificial crucifixion of a white guy who can’t jump – is a bad joke that’s over the top.

There should be standards. However, what if the rest of conversation that was said in private, was rhetorical? It sounded to me like he was mocking her intention to drive the race issue into the ground. It seems to me if she goes around deliberately making an issue out of hanging out with black guys (who already have HIV) she’s deliberately casting a negative insinuation that didn’t already exist. She’s a tricky rabbit alright. The real standard here is that the ongoing personal relationship between two people should remain personal, and therefore in context. If Sterling got up on national news cameras and started shouting expletives, slurs, and racism’s, then he could be held accountable. The Silly Rabbit is the one who should be held accountable in this situation, or whoever made the recording, for setting up the provocation, recording the private conversation, and then giving it to the public out of context.

In the mean time, the “zero tolerance” crucifixions of white folks, for the benefit of example and vengeance, are unrealistic, out of context, and do more damage than good. The message to white and black youth alike, that you can never make a mistake and that any discussion about race is racist and taboo – is an indoctrination, and a denial of freedom of speech. There is also an undertow that says a whole lot more than simply, “black folks have arrived and deserve equality and respect.” The undertow says “we’re not just here, but we’re going to turn the tables and inflict reverse racism.” When open discussion comes to a close, the discussion festers in silence and eventually there’s a new opening for the bloody streets of the 1960’s to come back onto the stage.

That’s why it’s time to give Adam Silver and the NBA a ticket to get off somewhere else. You can’t turn the tables on me, cause I ain’t did nothing to you, or to black folks, and I don’t appreciate or need your examples of “zero tolerance” fascist absolutism. Cool your jets because it ain’t gonna fly.

© 2014 – Jim Casey Red HOT Uploads

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