About The Downtown Rescue Mission (DRM)


in spite of some good they appear to do, is an essential component in a major child molestation, human trafficking, and racketeering scheme. Their ‘programs’ aren’t designed to help as much as they are to ensnare.

They provide a routing and disposal system into the welfare system for many, many people who are in fact employable. They are pacifying the TEA Party Zealot business community by relieving them of the responsibility to employ their perspective of “undesirable” or “disposable” people, while driving and expanding the socialism and welfare system that they decry.

Further, instead of serving the people who really need it, and who are really deserving, they are inappropriately routed into the penal system, or otherwise ignored – causing more problems at street level.

The DRM is the deliberate third component in the codependency triangle that ensnares those people who their biggest contributors have deliberately victimized. The DRM perfectly represents the vicious downward spiral of corruption that has resulted in the political dichotomy that we now see destroying the United States of America.

Many people need help or benefits, and they should get that help. However, the payoff to the DRM And it’s business operators is part of the problem, and I advise that they receive no contributions. And, maybe like the automatic AEA payroll deductions that proved to be extortive, United Way contributions should also be reevaluated.

© 2016 – Jim Casey
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