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These columns are all about the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing and the how it relates to the inception of this website – TOCC TV. The full original name in 1997 was “The O’Casey Chronicles” a play on the abbreviation for Oklahoma City, “OKC” – by adding the “O” to my Irish surname. When the time came to get my own domain, I simply abbreviated my version to “TOCC” added the “TV” domain, and developed my new logo(s) to including the fabled “lightening bolt.”

1997-10-22 12:00:00

Digging through some more of the totally defunct archives that usually get the term "morgue" because they are no longer available anywhere, and in fact maybe hard for me to even find because I've got computer files on 1.5" floppies, cds, dvd discs, zips, flashes, portable backup discs, crashed hard-drives, and more than one working computer - I finally found the very first page that was the inception of TOCC TV.

2015-04-14 09:03:20

One hundred and sixty-eight people died in the blast including 19 children who were in a first floor daycare. Some reports indicate that 680 people were injured and, according to Wikipedia: "The blast destroyed or damaged 324 buildings within a 16-block radius, destroyed or burned 86 cars, and shattered glass in 258 nearby buildings, causing at least an estimated $652 million worth of damage."

2001-06-11 09:03:02

On April 19th of this year, already over 75,000 pilgrims had visited the OKC bombing memorial. That was just since its completion a few weeks earlier. It's only been two months since then, but it isn't hard to imagine that there must have been well over a half a million pilgrims by now. Although there surely must have been a large number of folks from the OKC area visiting, it has been reported that people have traveled from all parts of these great United States to pay homage.

2012-09-11 01:06:09

The photos of Elton John were taken at the Myriad in Oklahoma City on October 30, 1999. Elton's temper tantrums are legendary amoung insiders, but it rarely ever shows in public. Click thru to see the star in rare form, the crowd rapturous with applause, he approached the front of the stage - without microphone - and bellowed out: "Here I am, come and get me you Son of a BITCH!"

The April 19, 2015 TOCC TV Cover Featuring Elton John
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