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    Flood Mitigation In Conjunction With Church Street Improvements

    Part of the improvements include flood mitigation along Pinhook Creek immediately adjacent to Church Street as seen in the photo.

    Dandelion Phone

    It’s also got a fingerprint taker. Nope. And facial recognition. Does seem antithetical to wearing a mask, but – nope. Im pretty sure these are also communist plots.

    Rogue House Members Attempting To Oust Marjorie Taylor Greene

    A lack of real world experience doesn’t make for good governance and we will all be better off if the media stops combing the witches hair.

    Huntsville Depot Spruced Up

    The Huntsville Depot gets spruced up on the solstice.

    Skittish Long Legged Birds

    These birds are hard to photograph but I keep trying.
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