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    A Commemorative Video For Elton’s Farewell

    Elton John is retiring so I made this commemorative video featuring my personal musings.

    Smiley Mechano Man

    My new venture into post modern folk art.

    Cotton Row Run

    Huntsville’s annual Cotton Row Run returns after skipping 2020 for the covid conspiracy.

    A Reckoning With TOCC TV

    In the 25 years I have practiced journalism I have NEVER been in association with religious cults. However, I have been attacked and manipulated by their organized crime families which is a violation of my human rights, my rights as a journalist and my personal religious beliefs also recognized by the US Constitution.

    My Statement On Afghanistan Exit

    Thank you to our American service members for a job well done and to President Joe Biden for his sense of resolve and accumen for completing the mission.
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