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Wretched Little Woman – R.I.P. Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Who really wants to be at work when they are 80? Instead of seeing the likelihood that she wouldn’t be able to continue past two more likely Republican terms, pushing her near 90, she made the short-sighted and selfish decision to remain on the court.

Twisted Roots?

In this case, the roots don’t appear to be twisted at all … they are, in fact, amazingly squared away.

Huntsville Confederate Monument Gets A Fresh Coat Of Paint

Huntsville’s confederate monument got a refreshing coat of paint in the early dark hours of August 5th.

Mason Court Razed

A few months behind schedule the demolition began last week and is moving along quickly…

My Pretty Girlfriend

With the world in such turmoil today, sometimes it’s good to notice the things we take for granted and the simple pleasures that give life air to breathe.
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