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    Mason Court Razed

    A few months behind schedule the demolition began last week and is moving along quickly…

    My Pretty Girlfriend

    With the world in such turmoil today, sometimes it’s good to notice the things we take for granted and the simple pleasures that give life air to breathe.

    Death By Fallacious Facial Covering

    Is China Virus comparable to Spanish flu? As it turns out, it very well could be. Wearing masks was important in 1918, but with 50-100 million dead, it obviously didn’t work.

    Mr. Potato Head Tuberville Wins For The TEAM !!!

    Mr. Potato Head wins one for the team !!! But which team will really end up benefiting from the no social distancing king?

    The Summer Of Discontent – Ding!

    I’m wore out with Corona Virus and George Floyd preferring to spend my time waiting on phone dings from Amazon – but I need another big check!
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